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  1. Public Policy

    Hamilton College - Clinton, NY

    • Bachelor's

    the process of decision-making, public policy majors focus on the outcomes, from massive programs such as Medicare and Social Security to the details of social services and education policy. Public policy at Hamilton is an interdisciplinary concentration. It draws on the tools and insights of political science, economics and philosophy to evaluate governmental decisions and

  2. Public Policy

    Indiana Wesleyan University - Marion, IN

    • BS

    PUBLIC POLICY INTERDISCIPLINARY PREPARATION FOR PUBLIC LEADERSHIP A Public Policy degree provides an understanding of policy process in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors at both the domestic and international levels. Students focus on skill formation and applied knowledge as they gain analytical, management

  3. Public Policy

    Kenyon College - Gambier, OH

    • Bachelor's

    the analysis and understanding of public-policy issues. Participants will learn how to apply the disciplines of economics and political science to analyze public-policy problems and to understand how public policy is formulated, decided upon, and implemented. Students will begin by taking foundation courses in the two disciplines. The principles learned in these foundation courses

  4. Public Policy

    Indiana University-Bloomington - Bloomington, IN

    • PhD

    Science and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA). The focus of the program is broadly on the field of public policy, which includes: A concern with the environment of public policy, The processes of policy formation, management, and implementation, The analysis and evaluation of policy output and results. The institutional setting and design of the program offer a unique

  5. Public Policy

    Colorado Heights University - Denver, CO

    • Masters

    publications. Master of Arts in Public Policy Overview The Master of Arts in Public Policy (M.A.P.P.) degree program at Stony Brook University prepares students to assume a broad range of leadership positions in the expanding field of public policy

  6. Public Policy

    Sarah Lawrence College - Bronxville, NY

    • Bachelor's

    Sarah Lawrence College’s Public Policy program addresses the most pressing public policy issues of our time, including promoting peace, protecting the environment, providing education and health services, and safeguarding human and workers’ rights. Supported by the

  7. Public Policy

    National-Louis University - Chicago, IL

    • Master of Arts

    University's Master of Arts in Public Policy will provide you with a solid foundation in both academic theory and practical methodology. You'll learn how to review, analyze and shape programs and

  8. Public Policy

    Indiana University-Bloomington - Bloomington, IN

    • BS

    real-world applications and relevant policy discussions. Many Kelley students choose a second major, but it’s not required. Finance is the most common second concentration for BEPP students, and public policy students often choose international business as an additional concentration. The typical BEPP student has an above average GPA and a broad interest in micro

  9. Public Policy

    New College of Florida - Sarasota, FL

    • Bachelor's

    have found the study of Public Policy a good preparation for law, business, government service, and other vocations that involve the large institutional structures of our society

  10. Public Policy

    Adler School of Professional Psychology - Chicago, IL

    700 community partners M.A. in Public Policy and Administration The Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration offers students an opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to engage in advocacy, understand government and public