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  1. Associate of Arts in Military History

    American Public University System - Charles Town, WV

    • Associate's

    are related as well as military service histories. Students graduating from this program may apply this degree toward the completion of requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Military History or a related degree

  2. Bachelor of Arts in Military History

    American Public University System - Charles Town, WV

    • Bachelor's

    who seek understanding of the military art and science as well as a general education in the liberal arts. The degree is quite different from history degrees at other universities because it is focused on the forces of human conflict and how those forces have shaped and continue to shape

  3. Master of Arts in Military History-Capstone Option

    American Public University System - Charles Town, WV

    • Degree

    The Master of Arts in Military History ensures that students will learn historical research methods, historiography, and historical perspectives before concentrating in American Military History, the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War II, or War since 1945. The curriculum not only focuses on diplomacy, statecraft, strategy, command, leadership

  4. History

    California State University-Sacramento - Sacramento, CA

    • BA

    topical areas such as women's history, the history of particular geographic areas, cultural history, ethnic group history, military history, and history from the ancient world to history of the U.S. in the twentieth century. Teaching credential candidates must complete the Social Science Subject Matter Program with a major in either History

  5. History

    Northwestern University - Evanston, IL

    • Bachelor's

    career choices of recent Northwestern history majors include broadcasting, business, consulting, finance, foundation work, international relations, journalism, law, medicine, the military, museum management, philanthropy, politics, public service, publishing, research, and teaching. The liberal arts are the best training for a leadership role in life, and

  6. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

    American Public University System - Charles Town, WV

    • Bachelor's

    program examine the theories and history of the workings of the human mind by studying aspects of developmental, organizational and abnormal psychology. Graduates of this program are inclined toward professions

  7. Master of Arts degree program in Histor

    California State University-Fresno - Fresno, CA

    • Masters

    future academic or related pursuits History Department at California State University, Fresno is especially strong in the areas of European History, United States History, Latin American History, and Military History. An energetic community of graduate students has developed at California State University, Fresno and graduates of our program have become successful teachers at the

  8. History

    Portland Community College - Portland, OR

    • AA

    History is collecting and analyzing the record of what past life was like, why events occurred, and how those events led to later and present

  9. Adult Education

    Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis - Indianapolis, IN

    • MS

    for-profit organizations, and the military. Indiana University's Adult Education Program has a renowned history. It was established in 1946 and enjoys an outstanding reputation as one of the nation's oldest adult education programs. With the transition in 1998

  10. Music Performance

    Illinois State University - Normal, IL

    • MM

    symphony orchestras, to the premier military bands, to Broadway and opera. Many pursue graduate degrees in performance at other leading music schools. In many cases this has led to a