Digital Animation and 3D Design Program

Digital Animation and 3D Design Program

Brookdale Community College - Lincroft, NJ

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Game Programming Option This option is designed for students who are interested in the programming segment of game development. The emphasis is on developing the skills required to design, code and test programs which will ultimately become the backbone of an electronic game. This includes fundamental programming concepts as well as those demanded to develop interactive games. Graduates of this program will be able to:  Conceptualize an original game  Create game documents  Develop and test C++ code  Use an Application Programming Interface to create 3D Programs  Modify a game using an existing game engine

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General Education – 20 credits of general
education as described on page 51 of the Catalog.
Career Studies – 36 credits as follows:
COMP 126 Computer Logic and Design 3
COMP 132 Structured Programming 3
Using C++
COMP 175 Game Design and Development 3
COMP 226 Systems Analysis and Design 3
COMP 275 Game Programming 3
COMP 276 Game Level Design 3
DIGM 121 Maya I: 3D Modeling 3
DIGM 122 Maya II: Fundamentals 3
DIGM 115 Storyboarding & Editing: 3
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